5 hiking essentials for a better hiking experience

Yinon Sofer

Hiking is simply much more rewarding than spending that hour on a treadmill, or even taking that daily jog in the local park. When it comes to outdoor adventure sports, hiking is by far the most popular. Adventurous nature trails, exploring new places, the thrill of the wilderness, natures beauty and bounty, a dozen more health benefits, stress busting, etc. 

hiking gear

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These are just some of the positives from a long list. For hikers, whether they are beginners or experts, carrying the right gear equals everything. Having the right gear and ensuring that one has top quality essentials means all the difference between having a safe hiking trip and a fatal mishap.

Apart from the obvious must-haves like bags, tents, proper clothing suited to the climate, etc., hikers should consider these following ‘hiking essentials’.

  1. Waterproof rain poncho

Apart from the regular clothing, hikers need to be well prepared for any kind of weather. A waterproof poncho is one of the essentials that will help keeping dry and warm. A waterproof rain poncho like the one in this above link can double as a shelter too. No more stopping in the rain.


  1. Inflatable pillow

During overnight camps and hikes, ensuring that one gets a restful sleep is important. A curved inflatable pillow fits well and keeps the neck, shoulders and the back correctly aligned, thereby avoiding strained backs and necks the morning after.


  1. Multi-tool

multi tool

While it is essential that hikers carry some tools along it is not possible for hikers to carry all necessary tools. In such cases, one can search for miniature tools, where one can easily carry them as well as be well prepared for anything!


  1. Shovel

Camping in a heavy snow area? you need a shovel to scoop out excess snow from the entrance of the tents. While carrying a huge snow shovel along is not a good idea, one can opt for a portable and foldable snow shovel that can be packed along with the other gear in one's bags.


  1. Hiking rods/poles

Hiking poles are a blessing on challenging trails and difficult terrain. These help you maintain balance and ensure sure footing. Most importantly, the hiking poles should be strong and made of very durable material.

These five hiking essentials are guaranteed to make your hiking experience more comfortable and easy, and your adventure memorable.


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